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What does learning to Baby Sign involve?

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

Learning sign language with your child is not meant to be a time-consuming chore. Rather, it can be worked easily into your daily life as a natural part of communication and it should be a fun journey!

No prior knowledge of sign language is required! Most parents learn right along with their children with the aid of sign language tools and resources.

You can start as early as six months of age. Remember, though, that babies can take weeks or even months before making their first sign.

Simply choose a sign (or several signs) to begin with and use it when you have your baby’s complete attention. For example, use the sign for “milk” just before breastfeeding or giving a bottle. Use it consistently, and soon your baby will begin to understand your signs, and eventually communicate them back to you!

Happy Signing!

Kylie - Signing Stars

Signing Stars was founded by three mums - Kylie, Sonya and Amanda, who wanted to create unique, colourful products to help other parents and educators teach sign to their children. This post follows Olivia - Kylie's daughter.

Signing Stars is now owned by Debbie, at Signing Hands Perth.

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