Harri’s first Sign!

Wow, how exciting to see my six and a half month old son Harri signing! I started doing a few signs with him from about four months. At first I found it hard to keep his attention so I backed off for a while, lately though he has been watching our every move and really showing lots of interest in everything around him so I started again with just a few signs.

Things have been pretty hectic at our place in the past month, packing up our house in Sydney and moving to Canberra, which made it hard to be really consistent with it, so I was quite suprised to see Harri signing back “Mummy” after showing him maybe half a dozen times. We got so excited and gave him so much praise for being so clever, he was very proud of himself!

Harri’s big sister Maija is almost 3 and is very keen to teach him to sign, she loves to show him different signs and play games with our Signing Stars flashcards with him. We didn’t start signing with Maija until she was over 1 so it's very exciting to be signing this early with Harri.

Will update with news on our signing progress soon.

Happy Signing!

Sonya - Signing Stars

Signing Stars was founded by three mums - Kylie, Sonya and Amanda, who wanted to create unique, colourful products to help other parents and educators teach sign to their children. This post follows Harri - Sonya's daughter.

Signing Stars is now owned by Debbie, at Signing Hands Perth.

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