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Ava & Olivia

Time has flown! Ava will be three soon and Olivia is walking talking somewhat and her signing is going great guns! Ava has learnt a lot more signs lately and is very keen to learn more.

The signing class I organised was really good, the kids loved it. Unfortunately Ava was sick and did not get to go. Olivia liked it though. There was fun for all.

Olivia’s favourite sign at the moment is ‘dog’ everything is dog! She has also started saying ‘mummy’ Finally!!!!! ‘Dad’ not so much, which is weird because ‘dad’ is usually the one they say first, but I don’t mind at all.

Olivia’s BIG news is that she has learnt a new sign, ‘bath’. Although it does not look like the Auslan way, it is Olivia’s way. Olivia also has six teeth now and still chases Ava around, but now she can do it a little faster. They also ‘play’ together and see who can annoy each other first, and then it ends up who can hit each other the hardest!!!!…..then the tears come.

I have also put our signing poster in our kitchen which I think has helped them a lot because they see the signs all the time. Sometimes Ava will sit down with me and we go through all the signs and play 'find the sign’. She likes this as much as playing ‘hide and seek’!!

Our chickens are also growing up. They are all fully grown…but no eggs yet!… I keep telling myself they will earn their keep soon. The girls love playing with them. When Ava and Olivia wake up in the morning and come into the kitchen the first thing they look for are the chickens. Olivia signs ‘bird’ and points at them with a big smile on her face. It is so cute!

Why is it that when you try and get them to show other people the signs that they know, they suddenly don’t know them anymore… why is that?

I would like to thank the people who have seen and are using Signing Stars products. We like hearing the nice feedback and are very proud of our products.

Happy Signing

Kylie - Signing Stars

Signing Stars was founded by three mums - Kylie, Sonya and Amanda, who wanted to create unique, colourful products to help other parents and educator teach sign to their children. This post follows Olivia - Kylie's daughter.

Signing Stars is now owned by Debbie, at Signing Hands Perth.

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