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These videos will give you an idea of what a Signing Hands class will be like. Face to face classes are run with the group sitting around a mat filled with toys. The signs are taught using toys, puppets, books, songs and craft for the older children. They are interactive lessons and every effort is made by Debbie to engage the children and keep them focussed. Parent interaction is essential and the term fee covers additional adults to attend with the baby/toddler. So, if relatives, carers or friends want to come and learn that is fine - within reason obviously! 2 adults per child per session is preferred, but if you have family visiting and you'd like to bring a few more along one week, it's fine, just let me know.

Kindy lessons involve more focus on finger spelling, letter recognition and sentence forming through questions. A course book is provided for Kindy students to keep their work for the year. The Kindy course is a full year programme, but you can enter at any point.

The following videos have been taken from the online classes offered in Term 2 this year, so they are interactive because I am actually talking to the children like I would face to face. I have included different levels of signing and activities within a normal lesson. I hope you enjoy them.

Please give it a minute or two for the videos to upload, they don't always appear instantly.

Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions.

Debbie - 0437 803978

Alphabet song 2

Alphabet song 2

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