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Introduction to Baby Signing


This introduction to baby signing is presented in 3 videos.

          Debbie explains what Baby Signing and Key Word signing actually are and dispels              one of the biggest myths surrounding signing with hearing babies. 

The benefits of signing are outlined and examples are given of the kinds of signs

that are most useful with babies / toddlers or slightly older children.

Some basic signs are taught and a very important 'tip' is given to help you achieve

quick success on your signing journey.

In the 3rd video 2 popular nursery rhymes are taught and Debbie reads and signs

'Where is the green sheep?"




Basic -$55 / Enhanced - $88 / Premium - $154



Signing Hands has produced a series of Auslan Baby Sign Language classes which you can access online and work through at your own pace.

This is for beginners to baby signing, and parents who have started at home

and want to extend their knowledge and sign base.

There are 13 videos in this course - each approximately 15 minutes long.

They cover all of the information given in the first term of face to face

Signing Hands Baby Signing classes.

They are perfect for parents who are unable to attend regular weekly classes due

to work or other commitments and families who live outside the Perth metro area.

The signs are taught by Debbie in an interactive manner, so that children can join in and enjoy the videos as well.

You will learn to sign most of the popular nursery rhymes and see many

books being read and signed.

A course book is available to use alongside the videos. If you wish to have the book you need to select the Enhanced or Premium Courses. The Premium Course also includes 1 hour of private tuition via Skype with Debbie


ToTo access any of these courses please follow these steps:

 access these courses please:-

  1. Become a site member.

  2. From the 'Online Courses' menu at the top of this page, select                                      'Intro to Baby Signing' or                                                                                               'Baby Course Membership' from the dropdown menu.

  1. When you have made payment you will be able to access the videos in the course selected.

A series of Toddler classes are going to be added in the coming months. These will be suitable for children who have completed a baby signing course. They will cover more advanced, individual topics, such as colour, emotions, toys, the weather, transport and more.

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact Debbie

0437 803078

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