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Would your 22 month old be able to tell you about a snake by the dogs bed?

Emma, Mum to Jackson, emailed to tell me an amazing story.

This is just one of the many success stories parents have told us about. Signing isn't just about telling us when they want food or a drink (which are massively important) - the benefits go much further than that!

Hi Debbie, Jackson came running into the house this morning screaming "Dad" and signing 'Danger'.


He then pointed outside and signed to Scott that there was a 'Snake'. He repeated 'Danger' and then signed 'Dog', followed with 'Bed'.


Scott found a two-toed-skink outside which looks like a little snake, but I was so happy that Jackson could communicate the danger if there was a snake!


Emma  |  Signing Mum 

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Being able to communicate exactly what he’s looking at or searching for is so useful, eg; “where is the white ball?” or “look at the black bird”. It really reduces his frustration and helps me understand him.


Signing Mum

Roberta  |   High Wycombe




My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed the signing classes. They were a fun, interactive way to learn the signs and spend time together. I highly recommend it!


Signing Mum

Skye  |   Ballajura




When teaching the signs we also teach our child to say the word along with it – therefore they learn both the sign and the word. I have found that signing has been fantastic as my daughter has been able to communicate with me clearly in Auslan -  before she could even say one word in English.


Signing Mum

Natalie  |   Dianella




My son is really enjoying the new toddler classes.  They are packed full of fun activities.  He has been doing signing since he was 1 year old and is now almost 3.  His speech is very well developed for his age, and I feel that this is a direct benefit of signing.


Signing Mum

Suzanne  |   Swan View




Thank you for introducing baby sign language to our family. It has been such a great tool to be able to communicate to our toddler.

So why not give it a go. You have nothing to lose but a whole lot to gain. Frankly I love talking to my baby and signing makes it all the more rewarding, not to mention relationship building.


Signing Mum

Natalie  |   Maida Vale




A great way to communicate with your baby on a level that they understand. The signs were clearly explained and repeated each week so that we could remember!


Signing Mum

Maria  |   Ballajura




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