Olivia and Ava

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

Olivia is almost one now, and the time has gone so fast. She is walking and is signing more signs now. She can sign ‘eat’, ‘dog’,’fish’,’bird’ which she loves to sign because we have four baby chickens that she and Ava saw hatch.

The picture of Olivia with the chickens, you can see she is signing ‘bird’.

When we are outside and she see’s a plane, she points and I have started signing that to her as well, although she cannot do it yet she tries to.

Olivia has almost mastered ‘more’ and can sign ‘finished’ when she wants to. Tonight Olivia signed ‘bed’ to me for the first time in context, without me prompting her. She was really tired for her day at day care.

Both my girls seem to really enjoy learning new signs, they get very excited when they can do it right especially Ava. She says to me “look at me mummy” and does the sign.

Happy Signing!

Kylie - Signing Stars

Signing Stars was founded by three mums - Kylie, Sonya and Amanda, who wanted to create unique, colourful products to help other parents and educators teach sign to their children. This post follows Olivia - Kylie's daughter.

Signing Stars is now owned by Debbie, at Signing Hands Perth.