Premium Online Baby Signing Course

Premium Online Baby Signing Course


This must be purchased through the 'Online Courses' drop down menu on the website.


This premium purchase gives you access to the full online Baby Signing Course plus the Course book which will be posted to you once payment has been made. In addition you have full access to Debbie, via phone or facetime/skype/viber to work through individual issues with signs or parts of the course content.


The Course is provided in a series of 13 videos, each teaching a different set of signs for use with young babies and toddlers. You are receiving all of the content given in the 8 hour Baby Signing Course which parents can access in face to face classes in Perth.


The signs covered are:

Daily Routines;

Mealtime & food;

Bath and bedtime;

Need and danger;

Nappy changing & toilet training;

manners and behaviour;

Nature. garden & park;

animals (birds, fish, insects, farm, ocean, wild, Australian) 

Beach and holidays.

The signs are taught through stories, toys, puppets & songs and they are created to be interactive for you and your child to enjoy together.

All signs used are Australian and they are taught using Key Word Signing. This means that single signs are taught at a time, it is not conversational signing.

The Signing Hands Course book is included in the cost of this course. Please email to let us know the address you would like it [osted out to.

For more details contact Debbie on 0437 803978 or email:

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