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Day Care Centre Kit

Day Care Centre Kit

GST Included

The Day Care Centre Kit provides you with a full range of signing products, designed to help you successfully introduce Baby & Toddler signing throughout your centre.


Offered at 10% discount


The Kit includes:


2 x Signing Stars Baby Sign Posters (rrp $40)


2 x sets of 3 Search and Sign posters, farm, park & ocean.

(rrp $70)


2 x Signing Stars first Word Flashcards

(RRP $50)


2 x Signing Stars Animal flashcards (rrp $50)


2 x Signing Stars flipcharts (rrp $40)


1 x Signing Stars DVD Dictionary & USB with additional information videos included. (rrp $30)


2 x Signing Stars Signs that move. (rrp$40)


All of the products are designed to help you introduce Key Wortd Signing to pre-verbal and young children who can use the signs to help express themselves both before speech is possible and while it is developing.

When used correctly the benefits of Key Word Signing include:


A huge reduction in frustration for babies & toddlers.

Clear Communication between children & educators.

Development of early speech & clearer words.

Quicker toilet training.

Easier management of inapppropriate behaviours.


The signs are all Auslan (Australian Sign Language), which means that you are teaching your children a 2nd language which will benefit them as a life skill, long after it has helped them with their early communication.


In addition, as a centre, you are providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for any child who joins you who may be suffering from hearing loss or speech delay for whatever reason.

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