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Baby Sign Poster

Baby Sign Poster

GST Included

The Baby Sign Language Poster is a fantastic way to help everyone to learn and play using baby sign language.


This baby signing chart, can be put up around your home to use as a simple reference guide. The poster is A2 in size.

Bright. Playful. Modern

This beautiful baby sign language poster features 20 different Auslan (Australian Sign Language) signs, including: ball, bed, blanket, book, cold, Dad, drink, eat, finished, help, hot, milk, more, Mum, play, please, stop, teddy bear, toilet and water.


As with all Signing Stars baby sign language products, our ”signing baby” demonstrates each sign making it fun for your baby. Each baby sign depicted is accompanied by a caption describing how to perform the baby sign, with arrows directing your movement.


The cute illustrations are eye catching and bright, making it a must have for any baby nursery. Alternatively, place it on the toilet door as something to look at and talk about with toilet training toddlers.


The Signing Stars Baby Sign Language Poster is perfect for

  • parents, siblings, grandparents
  • day care centres, pre schools
  • anyone who wants to teach baby sign language


The poster is sent in a poster tube and will arrive seperately from any other products ordered. The cost includes the additional packaging & postage.

The Signing Stars Baby Sign Language Poster is designed by Mums and printed in Australia.

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