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Why Teach Baby Sign Language To Your Baby?

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

To reduce frustration, to increase communication, to find out what your baby wants and needs before they start crying. These are all reasons to start signing with your baby. The use of baby sign language is emerging all over the world as parents and caregivers find out how amazing it really is!

By the time your baby is 8-10months old they are capable of telling you what they want but just don't yet have the verbal skills to do so. Baby sign language can fill this gap and enable communication before your child can speak. Many babies naturally develop their own simple signs anyway – beginning with just a wave for “bye bye”.

Using baby sign language expands on this innate skill by encouraging him to use a wide variety of signs to express his needs – the benefits of which are clear to any parent!

Happy Signing!

Kylie - Signing Stars

Signing Stars was founded by three mums - Kylie, Sonya and Amanda, who wanted to create unique, colourful products to help other parents and educators teach sign to their children. This post follows Olivia - Kylie's daughter.

Signing Stars is now owned by Debbie, at Signing Hands Perth.

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