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Signing Hands is the leading provider of Baby Signing Classes in and around Perth, Western Australia. Signing Hands has designed it's own programmes for babies, toddlers and Day Care centres using research based on 8 years of data collected from over 250 courses and more than 1,000 parents.

Signing Hands has an 80% re-enrolment rate each term, with most parents completing at least 3 or 4 courses before moving on. Parents love the fun filled classes and enjoy learning such a valuable skill in the small, manageable groups, designed to create the best learning environment possible for young babies & toddlers.


• Communicate with your baby from as early as 6 months?
• Reduce crying and tantrums?
• Help develop early speech?

With Signing Hands you can.

Signing Hands courses introduce parents & babies to genuine Auslan signs through stories, songs, rhymes and play.

Learning a few basic signs can help you understand your baby's needs and desires more fully, resulting in a much more contented baby & parent.

Come and Join one of the signing hands courses. There are different courses for babies and toddlers at various locations around Perth.

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parents & babies of all ages welcome.

FREE trial classes are available for all parents who want to know more about signing. Call for details - 0437 803978.

SIGNING SUCCESS STORY - would your 22 month old be able to tell you about a snake by the dogs bed??

23rd November 2014

Emma, Mum to Jackson, emailed to tell me an amazing story.

"Hi Debbie, Jackson came running into the house this morning screaming "Dad" and signing 'Danger". He then pointed outside and signed to Scott that there was a 'snake'. He repeated 'Danger" and then signed 'dog, followed with 'bed'.

Scott found a two toedskink outside which looks like a little snake, but I was so happy that Jackson could communicate the danger if there was a snake!"

This is just one of the many success stories parents have told us about. Signing isn't just about teling us when they want food or a drink (which are massivley important) - the benefits go much further than that!


Thursday 16th July 2015

A talk is being offered by the City of Swan in Ballajura on Thursday 16th July.

To add your name to the attendance list please contact Jade Contarino at the City of Swan or email Debbie at debbie@signinghands.com.au



Signing Hands ran it's first KINDY SIGNING COURSE in Term 1 2013.

This is the first of it's kind in WA. A full course based on the Auslan LOTE programme designed for pre-school children. Each term will cover different aspects of the curriculum, using games, basic worksheets, toys, music and games to teach the signs. Children will learn to link signs together into small sentences and the focus will be on extending communication rather than single object signing.

The course is aimed at all children entering Kindy or Pre Primary this year. No previous signing experience is needed.

This is continuing through the year and anyone who wishes to join is very welcome.


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